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Timer Structure


Timerro timer is built with segments that allow you to effectively define complex timers.

The primary segment is a time segment that defines a single interval, its length, name, etc.
In addition, repeat segments and random segments are used to group time segments in a useful way.

Timerro Notation

Timerro Notation is way to describe Timerro timers with simple text formula, that supports most of the features of standard Timerro editor, including all segment types.
Timerro Notation uses comma "," to separate subsequent segments and square brackets "[...]" to group subsegments.

Time Segment

Time Segment

Time segment represent basic time interval of defined length, expressed in hours, minutes and seconds. Time segment can also feature label and color.
Default label is based on formatted time representation in format Xh Xm Xs, where h stands for hours, m for minutes and s for seconds.

Zero seconds length time segment act as pause segment - it will stop the timer engine and user will need to manually resume the timer.

Timerro Notation for Time Segment:



  • 5m - 5 minute time segment
  • 1h5m, 2h15s - 1 hour and 5 minute time segment followed by 2 hour and 15 seconds segment
  • 30s Exercise - 30s time segment labelled as "Exercise"
  • 0 Pause - pause segment labelled as "Pause"

Repeat Segment

Repeat Segment

Repeat segment is used to repeat group of subsegment for specified number of times.

Current repeat index can be referenced in time segment label by using $ sign.
For multiple level of nested repeats, multiple sequences of $ can be used, i.e. $ will be the index for most inner repeat segment, where $$, $$$, etc. will represent more outer ones.

Timerro Notation for Repeat Segment:



  • 8x[20s, 10s] - 20s and 10s intervals repeated eight times
  • 20x1m - short form without grouping, 1 minute interval repeated 20 times
  • 20x[1m ENOM $] - 1 miute interval labelled "ENOM $", repeated 20 times

Random Segment

Random Segment

Random segment is used to create timers with randomized intervals. It will randomly select one if its subsegments.
It can be combined with repeat segment to achieve shuffle functionality for group of segments.

Timerro Notation for Repeat Segment:



  • #[1m,2m,3m] - random segment selected from 1 minute, 2 minute or 3 minute time segments
  • 2x#[20s Plank, 20s Squats, 20s Abs] - 2 random segments selected from 20s Plank, Squats, Abs
  • 8x[#[20s Plank, 20s Squats, 20s Abs], 10s Rest] - 8 sets of random segment selected from 20s Plank, Squats, Abs followed by 10s Rest

Multilevel Structure

Multilevel Segments

Each timer can have multiple level of nested repeat and random segments.
It is one of the most powerful feature of Timerro. Once mastered, can be used to create complex timers that can be easily adjusted or modified.

Timerro Notation for multilevel structure


  • 4x[2x[10s Up, 10s Down], 5x[ #[1m,2m], 20s Rest ]]

Instant Timers

With Instant Timers you can create even complex timers directly by typing url followed by forward slash and Timerro Notation.

Because notation becomes a part of an url, you can use underscore "_" as a space replacement, you can also omit most unnecessary spaces.

It's worth to note that fist element of notation in instant timer must be a digit, which is usually the case. One exception is when timer start with random segment sign "#" - to make it work as instant timer it can be wrapped into repeat segment, i.e. "1x#[...]"