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Timerro FAQs

What is Timerro?

Timerro (named from Timer Routines) aims to bring new quality to the world of timed routines with robust and unique sets of apps and services.

What is is a free and open online community for creating and sharing useful timer routines.

How can I use Timerro timers?

Timerro timers works online or with Timerro apps available for all leading mobile and wearable platforms. Check out apps section for details.

What is Timerro Notation?

Timerro Notation is a way to describe even complex timers with simple text formula (e.g. 8x[20s,10s]).
Timerro Notation is primarily used for Timerro Instant timers but can also be used in Timerro editor to significantly speed up timer creation.

For more details check Timerro Timer Structure.

What is Instant Timer?

Instant Timer is a unique way to create even complex timers directly typing url followed by forward slash and Timerro Notation.
It's probably the fastest way to create and play timers.
For example, for simple Tabata timer, just go to[20s,10s].

Because notation becomes a part of an url, you can use underscore "_" as a space replacement.
For more info check Timerro Timer Structure.